Inlay and Carved


Different pieces of carpet are cut and 
inlaid together to create design. Carving 
is used where the different colors meet 
to add definition. 

Carved Design


More subtle than inlaying, carving 
offers a way to create design in 
a single color of carpet.



Similar to the carving technique, bas-relief goes one step further and planes areas of the design low. Bas-relief is a unique way 
to create true 3-dimensional design in carpet. 

Fabric Borders


Incorporate fabric into the design. 
Utilizing this technique is a creative way to complement existing furniture or window treatments. These rugs also work great as stand alone pieces. 

Nail Head Borders


Nail heads are subtle yet striking compliment to border rugs. We developed this technique when challenged by a local designer who wanted to use nail heads as a unique design element.